[fpc-pascal] Listing the type (even as string) of the parameters and the return of a function

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Tue Oct 9 22:56:06 CEST 2018

silvioprog <silvioprog at gmail.com> schrieb am Di., 9. Okt. 2018, 19:56:

> On Mon, Oct 8, 2018 at 6:21 AM Sven Barth via fpc-pascal <
> fpc-pascal at lists.freepascal.org> wrote:
>> Short answer: No.
>> Long answer: No. The extended RTTI required for that is currently only
>> generated for interfaces with $M+ set.
>> Regards,
>> Sven
> Hi Sven, thanks for replying.
> What are the challenges to implement this feature? (Besides changes in the
> current ABI, new types in the typinfo etc.)

The main challenge is to find the time and motivation to implement the
whole extended RTTI shenanigans. Though I hope that after my birthday this
weekend I'll find the time to work on this as well as finish the support
for dynamic packages.

> I'm busy developing a library for the company, but, after that, I would
> like to contribute the assembly on invoke.inc for x86/ARM (32-bit only).

Feel free to contribute here. A x64 SysV variant would be welcome as well.

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