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> This is one of the most useless collection of floating point myths I
> have seen since a long time.

> With rolling a dice you mean, that the comparisons are only
> randomly correct or what)? Since the floating-point numbers
> are well-defined and exact (yes they are, and truncation/rounding
> errors are the results from former computations and/or
> the rounding of non-representable numbers). All operations
> are predictable, so there is no chance for random.
The random comes from the input, not the output.  If you know the numbers
going in, you know the numbers coming out, certainly.  But you rarely know
the numbers going in , and most people don't know the deep details of what
happens behind the scenes, and so sometimes some of those numbers going in
give you surprising numbers coming out.  Different implementations or
different languages have different details, as well, which can also be

So the issue isn't technical, it is language.  What was being said was
vernacular, colloquial, imprecise, just to give you the impression that
__unless you pay attention to the details__ the output you get could look
"random" or appear to be a "crap shoot".  I don't think the original poster
meant that the results were truly random at all, only that if you don't
take care to account for the details, you might get that impression.

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