[fpc-pascal] Windows programming tutorials for FPC

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Sat Nov 3 21:47:05 CET 2018

El 3/11/18 a les 21:20, James ha escrit:

> I’ve been tinkering with Lazarus, and I managed to get a form with some 
> buttons based on the examples, and I did make one button open the 
> save-as box… but I’m clueless on how to make the save-as box only come 
> up when needed and by a programming command, not because someone pushed 
> a button.  I still can’t figure out how to write my writeln’s into a 
> text box of some sort.    I get the idea… instead of a sequential 
> program the executes from beginning to end,  everything kind of all 
> happens at the same time

Try this:

-put a memo on the form (say, memo1) and a save dialog.
-in the object inspector double click on the OnCreate event of the form.
-this will create a FormCreate method. Put your code there (including 
the opening of the save dialog if needed).
-in your code show diagnostics messages in the memo 
-at the end of your code, if everything is OK, add


This way, if there are no errors the form won't show, otherwise it will 
show whatever you put in the memo.

Tip: if your code will take a significant amount of time put at the 


and at the end



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