[fpc-pascal] Windows programming tutorials for FPC

James james at productionautomation.net
Sat Nov 3 21:20:32 CET 2018

>And you can't just pop up a dialog window without having a window/form in the first place.  

That’s probably my problem…  My idea of just calling up the windows-API to get the save-as dialog probably won’t work without a form, even though I was able to get message boxes working

>In general, the logic of a GUI based program (regardless if Windows, macOS, Linux, etc) simply is different from a console program. Your console program main loop simply  pretty much just becomes a procedure within the GUI main loop.

This logic difference is what is most confusing to me.   I just don’t know where to put my main program and I don’t know how to output things to some kind of text box.   I don’t want the user to do anything at all unless it’s necessary… so if everything is set up correctly, the program opens, does it’s thing, writes some status stuff to a text box and closes,  no buttons to push or anything…. If I get a GUI program to work, I guess I can put a percentage complete barograph somewhere.  If there’s an error, I need to stop and wait for acknowledgement of the error, or if the output file was not specified, I want the Save-As box to just open up on it’s own with out anyone pushing any buttons, and when the save-as box is closed the process completes on it’s own and the program exits without any further user intervention. 

I’ve been tinkering with Lazarus, and I managed to get a form with some buttons based on the examples, and I did make one button open the save-as box… but I’m clueless on how to make the save-as box only come up when needed and by a programming command, not because someone pushed a button.  I still can’t figure out how to write my writeln’s into a text box of some sort.    I get the idea… instead of a sequential program the executes from beginning to end,  everything kind of all happens at the same time

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