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On 2018-01-15 20:54, Michael Van Canneyt wrote:

> It's nothing but a zip with the needed dependencies.

More precisely, they use a standard ISO image that gets loop mounted.
Simply rename any *.AppImage application with a .iso extension and you can
examine the directory structure and content.

This is nothing new really. Linux has had many such attempts over the
years. Anybody remember AutoPackage, Zero Install and others? I think
Snappy from Canonical was the last attempt at this. None of them took hold
in the community at large. I don't really know why - I have always thought
"app bundles" was a good idea. Maybe 10th time lucky - after all, this is
the year of Linux. ;-)

Maybe because each app will have its own dependencies, thus duplicating
Also if you have different versions of dependencies they might access
shared global configuration in incompatible ways.
Not to mention that if there is a (security) bug in one dependency you need
to update all apps containing the bugged library instead of merely the
library (that is if you can easily find out that an app contains that
So, yeah, I'm definitely skeptical about such approaches.

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