[fpc-pascal] Candidate for crowd-funding

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Wed Dec 19 09:54:45 CET 2018

> Hi all
> I decided to start a separate thread for asking about potential candidate
> for crowd-funding.
> My personal wish-list is:
> - support for array calculations / automatic loop parallelization via SSE,
> AVX, etc.
>   Both static and dynamic arrays should supported.
>   Once implemented vector operations on arrays (ala APL) might be done
> using operator overloads.
> - Custom/separate allocators for dynamic arrays (to avoid manually
> patching compiler).
> - Coroutines. Portable library or in-compiler support.
> - Interprocedural optimizations (something akin to LTO)
> - inline assembler function support
> - proper macro language perhaps
> Could someone comment if those goal are attractive to somebody else?
> I mean both donators and potential "implementors".

I will leave the technical comments to the compiler developers.

> BTW, is it possible to state the specific project when donating?

Yes, if I recall correctly you can give a message when the paypal donate
page appears.  (just as you can state that you want to be in the hall of

Maybe I should state this more explicit on the website.

But you can also simply contact me or the chairman.



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