[fpc-pascal] Stack alias for ARC like memory management?

Dennis dec12 at avidsoft.com.hk
Wed Apr 25 16:27:31 CEST 2018

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> I want the same for pascal.
> But I really still need to see convincing evidence that language 
> features contribute to productivity.
> Available libraries for common programming tasks - and I mean this on 
> a high-level
> level - are infinitely more important, so I don't need to get down to the
> gory details of many tasks:
> * Creating a PDF. * Creating a good-looking report from Data. * Have 
> an API that reads google protocol data.
> * A good ORM/OPF.
> * Reading a smartcard.
> * Access a Google,Facebook,Twitter, MS or what-have-you-not REST API. 
> * A wizard that makes a Data entry form based on a TDataset or object.
> * Classes to make a REST API.
> * Classes to make/consume a SOAP service.
> * Code that transforms a JSON structure to object classes plus the 
> code to
> * read/write the JSON.
> These are things that make me win time.
I totally agree that available libraries like the above are what attract 
(or keep existing) users to Pascal, not some minor syntactical  sugar.
   people new to AI will learn python just because there are ready 
libraries in AI callable by python.
   People new to statistics will learn R just because there are ready 
libraries of statistics in R.
   People new to iOS will learn swift because it allows them easily call 
all the libraries of iOS, not because swift is better than Pascal or Java.

It is about convenience.


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