[fpc-pascal] Proposal for new Free Pascal logo

stdreamer stdreamer at freemail.gr
Wed Apr 4 13:00:39 CEST 2018

On 04/04/2018 12:58 μμ, Michael Van Canneyt wrote:

> And this kind of statement is why I don't take branding or marketing
> seriously.
> On one hand "..then branding is quite important" and on the other hand
> "don't take it too literally".
> That simply does not compute for me.
let me try to make it clear.
1) branding is important in the same sense that a stab of approval is 
important or the CE logo is important in EU. It must be unique it must 
be easily recognizable.
2) It is important that the logo deviates from the actual object it 
represents a lot otherwise it stops being unique and it becomes one more 
kitten in the internet, unless of course you have a couple of million to 
spend on advertising and building the company image in which case forget 
everything I said use a gray half eaten mouse and you are set.

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