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Wed Sep 6 11:36:18 CEST 2017

On 2017-09-06 09:03, Ryan Joseph wrote:
> For the sake of discussion can you see why it makes sense that “hook.” syntax would be implied because the class does indeed supposedly implement the interface? Everything about the syntax says that the methods in IHook should be in TBaseClass so I can’t help but feel like it was an omission or not fully finished.

"implements" in that example says that the implementation of the IHook 
interface is delegated to another class - THook. If you didn't define 
the property... implements in TBaseClass, then TBaseClass would have had 
to explicitly implement all methods of IHook. The implements means you 
can reuse the IHook implementation (thanks to THook) in many other 
classes too.

Granted I personally don't like the syntax for "implements", but that's 
what Borland came up with for Delphi, and FPC follows that syntax for 
compatibility reasons.

The other annoying thing of Object Pascal's Interface support is that 
you need to specify which interfaces you implement, even in descendant 
classes where the parent already implements a specific interface. But 
that's a whole other discussion. ;-)


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