[fpc-pascal] TP compatibility: procedural type

Anton Shepelev anton.txt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 3 13:57:42 CEST 2017

Sven Barth:

> The  modes  are for the case have code written for
> other compilers (TP, MacPas, Delhi, ISO)  work  in
> FPC (as good as reasonably possible). We do howev-
> er *not* guarantee that code  written  in  one  of
> these  modes  with  FPC  compiles or runs with the
> corresponding compiler.

Thank you and others for your explanations.  I  have
a  related  question  which  seems unworthy of a new
thread.  I can't compile this program with -Miso:

  Program Test;
  var object: integer;

Free Pascal tells me that

  test.pas(2,5)  Fatal:  Syntax  error,   "identifier"
  expected but "OBJECT" found.

According to the documentation, in this mode

  the  compiler  complies  with  the  requirements  of
  level 0 and level 1 of ISO/IEC 7185.

but ISO/IEC 7185 does not list  'object'  as  a  re-
served  word.  I have also failed to find an -M fea-
ture responsible for the support of stack-based  ob-
jects.  How can I disable it?

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