[fpc-pascal] MSEide+MSEgui 4.6 for FPC 3.0.4

Martin Schreiber mse00000 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 07:19:32 CET 2017

On Sunday 26 November 2017 15:19:22 Andreas wrote:
> > The architecture of MSEgui would allow to make widgets for Android in RAD
> > style development, either ownerdrawn or wrapper for native widgets
> > with 'ifi'-data- and event-connections to the business logic in the
> > application.
> Today much of the maintenance at the client is done using netbooks. We
> wish to use cell phone exclusively. We have a large program base with
> many programs all written in FPC and/or Delphi. The company is migrating
> all FPC to Rad Studio 10.2 so that the same code base can be used when
> we migrate some of these programs to android.

What Delphi technologies do you use on Android? Firemonkey? What is missing in 
Free Pascal? Can you be more specific?
I doubt that the codebase of a desktop application can be used unchanged on a 


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