[fpc-pascal] MSEide+MSEgui 4.6 for FPC 3.0.4

Martin Schreiber mse00000 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 25 13:28:18 CET 2017

On Saturday 25 November 2017 11:52:39 Andreas Berger wrote:
> I went back to Delphi because our company is converting all programs
> that the maintenance uses to work on cell phones. Rad Studio 10.2 was
> bought and even our desktop programs are being converted form
> FPS/Delphi7 to Delphi 10. If FPC for Android worked off the shelf I
> probably could convince the company to go back to FPC since all our
> current projects work with it.

Can you elaborate a bit what you actually need? Do you need a Firemonkey 
equivalent? Something other?


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