[fpc-pascal] Seek to EOF of file of byte

pascalX at piments.com pascalX at piments.com
Sat Nov 18 23:12:16 CET 2017

On 18/11/17 20:27, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> because the program is being viewed critically by the ALGOL programmer 
> whose code

Algol, one my all time favourite languages.

while .... wend
if .... fi

why is this not universally adopted?

I still comment my C code with  fi's and wend's to keep track of what a 
bunch of curly braces actually refer to.

C : a high level language with power of assembler and the readability of 
  ....  assembler.

Python : a high level language with the readability of assembler and 
performance of MSBASIC.


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