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> I have a similar problem, a Delphi7 GUI program, which makes
> tomographic inversions and presents the data in graphic form to the
> user.
> It was created back in 2002 and the developer put the advanced math
> into 4 different DLL:s which were programmed in FORTRAN. The compiler
> from Intel was plugged into MS Visual Studio 6 to create the Windows
> DLL:s, which were subsequently called from within the main Delphi 7
> code.
> Later the developer quit and we were stuck with the DLL:s.
> Noone here has touched FORTRAN ever, but we do have the FORTRAN
> sources in CVS.
> I would very much want to convert them into DLL:s programmed in Pascal
> instead so they can be maintained for new Windows versions (and use 64
> bit for example).
> Any ideas on how to do this?
> -- 
> Bo Berglund
> Developer in Sweden

This sounds like a major job. For a starting or reference point on linux/macos I would put the existing thing together in 64bit with gfortran and fpc/lazarus. Setting up gfortran on Windows may be a bit more involved, but should not be too hard.

my 2 cents - Michael.

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