[fpc-pascal] WebAssembly Target

Michael Van Canneyt michael at freepascal.org
Fri Mar 17 09:16:52 CET 2017

On Thu, 16 Mar 2017, Michael Schnell wrote:

> On 15.03.2017 17:58, Karoly Balogh (Charlie/SGR) wrote:
>> Well, "degree of success" is relative, ...
> Anyway, it's great to know that you are watching the proceedings 
> regarding WebAssembly, and already did some effort to get started !!!!
> Just for enhancing your motivation :-) (of course this issue is more 
> like a project related to the Lazarus or mse designers, but you are 
> going to pave the way) :

The way is already paved.

In fact, there is an alternate approach, transpiling pascal to Javascript.

It's much farther ahead than the webassembly target, already produces 
programs running in the browser and the first web-based components are 
already being developed using this approach.


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