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Sat Mar 4 21:14:58 CET 2017

On 2017-03-04 18:59, Hans-Peter Suter wrote:
> Go with modern times! It's the 21st century now ;-)

I am, that's why I am starting to use Java more and more. ;-) A very
nice language, multiple choices in IDE's, fantastic debugger, fantastic
contributions and ecosystem.

When I think Records, I think of trying to read a binary file off disk
in a complex layout. Records were (and still are) used to read such
complex binary files. Methods in records have no place there.

Now if I work with objects, I use Classes or Objects - both were
designed for that purpose.

> (I agree with what you wrote about 'polluting pascal code'. But what can
> one do?

Don't be a lemming! We can all see in what trouble Delphi has been for
the last 15+ years. They are grasping at straws trying to stay above
water. They f*cked up so many things during that time and became a very
buggy platform to develop in.

Free Pascal and Lazarus has a large following already, and is well
established and a very solid compiler. Even EMBT proved that by using
FPC is one of the Delphi releases (XE2 I think).

Free Pascal doesn't need to follow Delphi over the cliff. My personal
experience has proven that FPC is just as good... no wait, better that
Delphi (multiple CPU support, multiple OS support, mobile support,
embedded support etc). So I simply use FPC for everything! I don't need
cross-compiler compatibility.

> e.g. generics (and that they work well).

I'm warming up to Generics (in Object Pascal) - but that is again more
so because I'm also using Java, and in Java, generics is very often used.


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