[fpc-pascal] Manual sources? Some doc questions.

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Fri Mar 3 16:00:15 CET 2017

@Michael and @Marco,

Very helpful comments, thank you!

in subversion. See
> http://www.freepascal.org/develop.var
> Section 'Other repositories'

Yes, found it. (Tex, I thought so (considering the nicely formatted pdf)).

 - In prog.pdf there is a section about "Compiler and RTL source tree
>> structure". Is there some documentation about the (not-mentioned but huge)
>> 'package' folder?
> No, this is on my todo list (since ages :/ )

No worries, the docu is huge, and I suppose the todo list also ;) I found
many interesting infos already and it certainly was a lot of work to write!

> the fpmake executables are exactly meant to enable this
> github-package-project, without falling back on make.
> There are 2 motivations for using fpmake:
> 1. Make does not understand dependencies as FPC understands them.
> 2. fpmake is pascal code. Anyone writing pascal code can create a fpmake
> file,
>    no extra tools need to be learned. This is the main motivation.

 >   3. fpmake is more complete and performs a lot of operations  which
      make needs external binaries, which are a maintenance hazard on non

Ok. - I would have some remarks but wait if/until I better understand some
technical details. It works and is fast and at least I now know the
connection between the two 'makers' and some rationals.
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