[fpc-pascal] Running Freepascal programs on other computers

James Richters james at productionautomation.net
Wed Jun 28 18:55:37 CEST 2017

When I run any freepascal program that I compiled on my windows 10 desktop
computer on any other PC, I always get a warning:

We could not verify who created this file, are you sure you want to run this


When I search for a way to fix this, I get a bunch of results telling how to
bypass the windows protection and let the file run without the warning, but
I don't see any results on how to actually properly take care of this, so
the program actually CAN be properly verified and run without the warning
and without modifying the windows installation.   


Does anyone know how this is normally achieved, and how to implement this
with my freepascal console applications?




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