[fpc-pascal] ptccrt missing keys

Nikolay Nikolov nickysn at gmail.com
Tue Jun 13 00:55:36 CEST 2017

On 06/13/2017 01:33 AM, James Richters wrote:
>> Follow the instructions in docs/INSTALL.txt to compile the package. Then add units\i386-win32 from the snapshot directory to the unit search path of your compiler.
> Can I have instructions on how to compile ptcpas for x86_64-win64?
> I tried guessing that I might need fpcmake -r -Tx86_64-win64
> when I try that  I get :
> Processing Makefile.fpc
>   x86_64-win64 requires: rtl
>   Writing Makefile
> Processing demos/Makefile.fpc
>   x86_64-win64 requires: rtl
>   Writing Makefile
> Processing examples/Makefile.fpc
>   x86_64-win64 requires: rtl
>   Writing Makefile
> Processing test/Makefile.fpc
>   x86_64-win64 requires: rtl
>   Writing Makefile
> But when I try to run make I get:
> Makefile:208: *** The Makefile doesn't support target i386-win32, please run fpcmake first.  Stop.
maybe try:

make CPU_TARGET=x86_64 OS_TARGET=win64
> I tried looking at command line options for make but I don't see how to change the target to x86_64-win64, and anyway I might be doing it completely wrong so I think it's best to just ask
> I also notice that the changes in https://sourceforge.net/p/ptcpas/code/742 list  'dead key support under Windows and X11 (via XIM)' in the comments.
> are the missing keys now working and if so do I need to enable them somehow?         I haven't tried compiling this yet, I'm still using r715. I thought I would ask if it was ready first.
Not yet. I'm still working on it. I ended up revamping all the keyboard 
input support in ptcpas, because I discovered there are some differences 
between linux and windows in the keycodes for some keys. Since, these 
are OEM-specific keys, so they differ between keyboard layouts, I tried 
different keyboard layouts and I discovered that dead keys don't work. 
So, I started digging in order to find out why that's the case. So, 
after a lot of changes, I got them working under both windows and linux. 
After that, I figured out it's time to prepare a new ptcpas release, 
because there are many other changes, since the last release and I want 
to get it in time for the new release to be included into fpc 3.0.4. So, 
suddenly, I'm working on a whole lot more things on ptcpas (relative 
mouse movement, better unicode support for the keyboard input under both 
windows and linux, merging several other fixes into upstream fpc 
libraries, for which ptcpas carries a forked version) :) But, please be 
patient, it'll get there, maybe in a few week's time. If you're 
impatient, you can temporarily patch ptcgraph/ptccrt.pp, lines 120..309. 
These convert the ptcpas key events to crt readkey codes.

Best regards,

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