[fpc-pascal] ptccrt missing keys

James Richters james at productionautomation.net
Tue Jun 13 00:33:09 CEST 2017

>Follow the instructions in docs/INSTALL.txt to compile the package. Then add units\i386-win32 from the snapshot directory to the unit search path of your compiler.

Can I have instructions on how to compile ptcpas for x86_64-win64?   

I tried guessing that I might need fpcmake -r -Tx86_64-win64    

when I try that  I get :
Processing Makefile.fpc
 x86_64-win64 requires: rtl
 Writing Makefile
Processing demos/Makefile.fpc
 x86_64-win64 requires: rtl
 Writing Makefile
Processing examples/Makefile.fpc
 x86_64-win64 requires: rtl
 Writing Makefile
Processing test/Makefile.fpc
 x86_64-win64 requires: rtl
 Writing Makefile

But when I try to run make I get:

Makefile:208: *** The Makefile doesn't support target i386-win32, please run fpcmake first.  Stop.   

I tried looking at command line options for make but I don't see how to change the target to x86_64-win64, and anyway I might be doing it completely wrong so I think it's best to just ask

I also notice that the changes in https://sourceforge.net/p/ptcpas/code/742 list  'dead key support under Windows and X11 (via XIM)' in the comments.
are the missing keys now working and if so do I need to enable them somehow?         I haven't tried compiling this yet, I'm still using r715. I thought I would ask if it was ready first.



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On 05/26/2017 10:49 PM, James Richters wrote:
>> It's great that it's finally working for you. And yes, ptccrt supports most alt and ctrl key combinations, but if you find some key combination missing, please report it - it is easy to add.
> I could really use F11 and F12  including shift, alt, and crtl if possible from the prccrt graphics window.  I suspect there is some fundamental reason why F11 and F12 aren't usable, because F11 and F12 don't work in crt either.  But here is what does work in crt that would be great if would also work in ptccrt.
> <snip>lots of missing keys</snip>
Unfortunately, all of the missing keys and differences from ptccrt (including the very odd ones) stem from the fact that ptccrt behaves _exactly_ like the crt unit in Turbo Pascal 7 under DOS, with a 100% IBM compatible keyboard and BIOS. This includes the lack of support for extended keys (like F11 and F12). The Windows crt unit doesn't conform strictly to that, however, so that's why there are differences. I don't want to sacrifice the DOS/TP7 crt unit compatibility, so I'll have to think of something, but it'll take a little time. Perhaps I'll add different keyboard compatibility "modes" or something like that.

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