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I've give a short reply here, in case others deem this off-topic. I 
always seem to end up in hot water about such stuff here. I can send you 
more details in private if need be.

On 2017-07-09 22:16, Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> Would it be possible to give examples ?
> Maybe there are things that can be done in Lazarus, and Pascal ?

Some IDE examples I have already raised in recent weeks in the Lazarus 
forum. The Java IDE's are *way* more clever about what code you wrote 
and makes very intelligent suggestions when it discovers errors, or 
possible improvements (eg: because you are using a newer Java version 
that might have an improved solution). In Eclipse, Ctrl+1 will list the 
options, give you a tooltip hint of how the changed code will look 
(before any changes are made). Make your pick and press enter. Those 
could be fixing errors, improved language features, pull in missing 
import lines, implement getters and setters, define missing classes, 
field variables or local variables etc. The list of what is on offer is 

Purely on the language side of things.... I love the fact that there is 
no *.h or an "interface section" in my code - why must C/C++ and Object 
Pascal duplicate that information. If I want to see a purely "interface" 
view of my code, the IDE doesn't that as standard in the unit Outline 

As I said, just a short list here, but I can list many more if you want 
- both IDE features and language features.


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