[fpc-pascal] PascalScript broken by FPC 3.0 ?

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sun Jan 15 13:46:14 CET 2017

On Sun, 15 Jan 2017 13:36:14 +0100
Bart <bartjunk64 at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 1/15/17, Kapibara Pas <kapibara.pas at aol.com> wrote:
> > What has happened? Is it possible to get it to work again without going back
> > to Lazarus 1.4 and fpc 2.6.4?  
> As a workaround you can switch back to fpc 2.6.4 for the time being.
> Lazarus 1.6 branch should work with the 2.6.4 compiler.
> Just install fpc 2.6.4 and 2.6.4 sources.
> In Lazarus options set the correct path to the compiler and compiler
> sources. Then rebuild Lazarus clean.

You can use the Lazarus IDE macro $(FPCVer) in the "FPC source
directory". Then you only need to switch the compiler path.

> For projects you need the 3.0 compiler, just switch back the paths, do
> a clean rebuild and you're back.

You can compile normally, because the IDE notices the different compiler and will pass -B


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