[fpc-pascal] uses myunit in '../src/myunit.pas' ?

Tim Veldhuizen tim at timveldhuizen.nl
Tue Feb 14 16:02:41 CET 2017

On 14/02/17 20:00, fredvs wrote:
> It is a difficult task to speak with gurus.
Nah, it's not. They are also people... I think.. Actually, I've never 
seen proof that they all are, so some may actually be chimps. :)
Anyway, some are standing on such a high pedestal that they feel 
everyone is beneath them. I speak from personal experience (yes, I've 
been egocentric and ignorant before and yes, I met someone who was 
worse.. much worse). But then I guess true wisdom is to know the extent 
of one's own ignorance. :)
So just ask. Yeah sometimes you may get a rude response. I've had a few. 
So what. Their attitude is their problem, getting your question answered 
is yours. They help you with your answer, you help them with their 
attitude. You learn through the experience, they don't.
> That makes me always nervous.
Don't be. Who are they to judge you? You think they never took the easy 
way out and ask a mailing list or forum instead of using google? At 
least I will admit I have once or twice. (Oh sorry guys, no I don't 
claim to be a guru, sorry sorry, yes yes, you are the masters. Bow, bow, 
kneel, kneel ;) )
> Sadly, sometimes when I do not find a solution, I ask it here.
Perhaps the reason why you're not finding a solution, is because it 
seems to me you have a preference for a non-standard solution (at least 
in this occurrence). As a result, you may be searching in the wrong 
direction and hence, you're not finding any clear answers. (Unless I 
misunderstood something). But I don't fully understand your situation. I 
don't know what you've learned so far and what knowledge and experience 
you have. So I won't judge.
> But, trust me, it is always scared.
> I hope that I will not annoy you anymore (but where to ask then).
On the contrary; I found it quite amusing. ;)


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