[fpc-pascal] fpc and voip ?

José Mejuto joshyfun at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 18:12:35 CET 2017

El 02/02/2017 a las 16:32, Santiago A. escribió:
> El 17/01/2017 a las 16:48, José Mejuto escribió:
>> Maybe you may think in Opus http://opus-codec.org/ as it is open,
>> royalty free (mp3 is not free, you must pay royalties for the encoder
>> side) and source code is C89 so it must be compilable (libopus) in
>> almost any platform without a titanic effort.
> mp3 is not free?
> According with
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MP3#Licensing.2C_ownership_and_legislation
> It's royalty free in European Union. And, in USA, still valid patents
> will expire along 2017. After 31 December 2017 will be completely
> royalty free in USA also.
> Don't know rest of the world. Can it be worse than in USA?


You are right, my working with MP3 technology was in 1999 so my 
"standards" are very old :-)

Anyway Fraunhofer Institute which holds most known patents about MPEG 
Layer III does not say "Patents expired" so maybe they can have a later 
patent over technology trying to enforce it in a future and keep control 
of the royalties.

Releasing a mp3 codec now could be safe in Europe (and 2018 in EEUU) but 
a hardware piece could be a problem if a later patent appears in the 
game. In the other hand as all known patents has expired I think no 
court will be against you, maybe a "cease and desists" at most.

Anyway mp3 technology is surpassed a lot by others.

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