[fpc-pascal] FPC attributes / annotations support

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Fri Dec 1 17:44:36 CET 2017

On 01/12/17 13:24, Marcos Douglas B. Santos wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 30, 2017 at 5:35 PM, Graeme Geldenhuys
> <mailinglists at geldenhuys.co.uk> wrote:
>>> If we have a better marketing, maybe more programmers could have more
>>> interest to use the language.

Given ESR's recent (or not so recent, as I only found it today) rant
there may be unexpected support in unexpected places, as even the old towers of C seem to crumble ;)

(lwn.net seems to be attracting a lot of various articles about a lot of languages,
 but I haven't seen one about Pascal like, ever...)

>> Yeah, if the FPC Foundation could help with marketing the language and FPC
>> (and Lazarus), that would be a great step in the right direction.

(I am not even a subscriber to lwn so my emails probably go to /dev/null,
 but if the Foundation put up a press release or two there, maybe they'd publish that)

> I agree.
> Best regards,
> Marcos Douglas


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