[fpc-pascal] Good FFT example anywhere?

Giuliano Colla giuliano.colla at fastwebnet.it
Sun Apr 9 23:50:26 CEST 2017

Il 09/04/2017 10:06, Bo Berglund ha scritto:

> I am looking for some good example of FFT functions in pascal but it
> seems like what Google serves up is rather old and refers to
> Turbo-pascal and the like...
> So maybe someone here knows about some open-source example of FFT
> using FreePascal (or Delphi)?
> I want to analyze the frequency content of transient responses
> measured using a 24 bit A/D converter. It will produce 8192 samples
> for each measurement.
> Any suggestions welcome!
> PS: I have saved this list from Sept 2003 and I searched it for the
> word FFT without success, except the hits on the word offtopic.. DS

For mechanical vibration analysis (with a similar number of samples but 
only 16 bit resolution) I have used the FFT library of Nils Haeck which 
you may find here: http://www.simdesign.nl/fft.html
For my needs it was appropriate. You may give a look. It comes with 
Mozilla Licence.



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