[fpc-pascal] Bls: Bug in FPC 3.0.0 (was: Bug in FPC 3.0.0?)

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Sun Mar 6 21:44:01 CET 2016

Am 06.03.2016 17:00 schrieb "Serguei TARASSOV" <serge at arbinada.com>:
> >> So in my taste the {$MODE DELPHI} should have been support not only
> >> language
> >> features but all common libraries too, at least RTL/DB. All FPC
> >> extension/modifications could be added in FPC mode. Not easy but
> >> reliable.
> >
> > It's simply not possible as long as you allow to mix modes on a per-unit
> > basis.
> >
> > I have said it before:
> > {$MODE XYZ} says something about available language constructs when
> > compiling. Not about available identifiers in units that you use.
> > This is a fundamental difference.
> >
> > Not to mention the maintenance nightmare 2 sets of units would present
> > with.
> >
> > Michael.
> {$MODE DELPHI} could switch to {$IFDEF DELPHI} conditional compilation or
> something similar with the defines corresponding of Delphi compiler
> compatibility, i.e. D15 or so.
> I see that supporting two version of units is hard much less the units
> interfaces was never copied from earlies version of Delphi AFAIK. It's a
> little easier when starting from fork.
> Actually I should support D7/FPC and XE10 compilation of few dozen units
> and despite the fact that they started with a fork it's not easy at all.

You can't influence precompiled units. Also I wouldn't even remotely want
to maintain such a mess.

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