[fpc-pascal] building arm cross compiler on FreeBSD

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Sun Jan 10 12:57:55 CET 2016

Tomas Hajny wrote:
> On Sat, January 9, 2016 23:44, Jonas Maebe wrote:
>> On 09/01/16 23:27, Marc Santhoff wrote:
>>> How can I build a build a cross compiler running on FreeBSD compiling
>>> for ARM?
>> Try adding OS_TARGET=embedded to your "make all CPU_TARGET=arm"
>> invocation in the top level directory (assuming you've set up your
>> environment for cross-compiling to embedded).
> I know next to nothing about target embedded or ARM, but the original
> poster seems to have asked for support of FreeBSD on ARM

His previous messages were about embedded development for ARM. I 
interpreted "I'm stuck while trying to build a cross compiler for ARM on 
FreeBSD" as (a cross compiler for ARM) (on FreeBSD) rather than (a cross 
compiler) (for ARM on FreeBSD), especially given the last sentence from 
his mail quoted above..

My guess was that the reason he was asking, was that if you do a "make 
all CPU_TARGET=arm" at the top level to get an ARM cross-compiler, the 
Makefile will default to $(OS_SOURCE)/$(CPU_TARGET), which will indeed 
result in complaints about FreeBSD/ARM not being supported if you do it 
on FreeBSD.


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