[fpc-pascal] meta data of files

Marc Santhoff M.Santhoff at web.de
Thu Dec 15 14:21:15 CET 2016

On Mi, 2016-12-14 at 22:56 -0700, Lars wrote:
> On Wed, December 14, 2016 11:57 am, Marc Santhoff wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >
> > I'd like to read out meta data from files. is there any pascal code
> > supporting this task?
> >
> > This is about reading the comment of zip files, the author and
> > description of word processor files (open document format) and so on.
> >
> > TIA,
> > Marc
> >
> >
> >
> You may check out total commander plugin source code..
> Although it may be in Delphi, you could convert to Laz/fpc

OK, will loook at that.

> There are a lot of total commander plugins that deal with MP3 meta data
> and such... not sure about Open Document though..
> Is meta data in files some standard, so that the meta data in an mp3 file
> is similar to a word process file? I have a hunch this is not going to
> help you.. as it's completely different....

No, no standard at all. E.g. in .ODF zip files there are XML files
having some fields carrying meta data. For photos there is EXIF or
simple comments in JPEG, .PDF does use dublin core sometimes, and so on.

It would be a big pile of work to support only the most commen file
types, that's why I hope to find some source. ;)

One framework I know is Apache Tika, doing type identification, meta
data access and content access. Having it in pascal source would be a



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