[fpc-pascal] fpc-pascal Digest, Vol 131, Issue 7

Stéphane Aulery saulery at free.fr
Sat May 9 13:41:48 CEST 2015

Hello Michael,

Le samedi 09 mai 2015 à 12:34:07, Schindler Karl-Michael a écrit :
> > …. In fact none of the translations
> > is updated because it is not maintainable.
> Not true. I have kept the German translations up to date and besides a
> minor glitch in the UTF-8 version, they also worked. My point of view is
> that the most important bottle neck is to find a person willing to care
> about the translation. A technical solution, which lowers the barrier
> for contributions, would be a progress, but the barrier must be lowered
> considerably, maybe comparable to a wiki. See below.

This is not what I meant. There is another passage in my post where I
say "almost all languages." And by "not maintainable" I think like you
not accessible enough, too disheartening to capture contributors.

Make that in a wiki, do not know if that's possible.

> >> The Lazarus error messages are probably a different story.
> > 
> > If the format is unimportant, why is that different please ?
> The lazarus error messages are a different case in so far, as there are many
> more commits per months than in FreePascal. Therefore, the work load is much
> larger and the ease of plays a role. With the few commits in FreePascal, I
> have to work on it only every few months and then it is more a question of
> motivation to start than the actual work, which takes 15 minutes to 1 hour.
> With Lazarus the work might become 1 hour to 4 hours. In business terms
> it is fixed costs (motivation, actual start and commit) versus variable
> costs (doing the translations). My point was that the current status for
> FreePascal is not too bad and and I support this by keeping the German
> version up to date, but I do not want to claim this to be the general
> truth, because it may not apply for the Lazarus error messages. If you can
> contribute technical work, which lowers the barrier, I would welcome it.
> At the same time it would need some non-technical activities to actually
> attract more translators. They do not fall from heaven like rain drops. How
> about using http://translationproject.org/domain/index.html

I am part of the French Translation Project Team and I would be very
happy to see the POT files for FPC, FPDOC, Lazarus, etc., to this place.
I can even handle it. Of course it takes POT files, which involves
ressourestrings and ultimately a change in the way of producing the
manual for this part.

I'm offered it a few years ago to put Lazarus POT files on Transifex. I
received a negative reply. Will this be the same with TP?

I will not deny that I am a beginner in Pascal, but I do not want to
charge someone as a work which he does not worry. So I will do my best
to contribute a patch, though I know that it is possible that it will be


Stéphane Aulery

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