[fpc-pascal] Lazarus, FreePascal, and translated compiler messages

Stéphane Aulery saulery at free.fr
Thu May 7 11:22:17 CEST 2015

Hello Mattias, Yann and Tomas

Le jeudi 07 mai 2015 à 10:58:31, Tomas Hajny a écrit :
> On Thu, May 7, 2015 08:47, Yann Mérignac wrote:
> >
> > And also because looking at your changes I noticed that there are two
> > translation files for French in two different encodings : 'errorf.msg' and
> > 'errorfi.msg'. So far I thought 'errorfi.msg' was a translation for the
> > Finnish.
> I mentioned the two files in the original response to Stephane Aulery who
> initiated the French translation update.

I did not dare to change that, but I too would like to have only the
UTF-8 release.

> BTW, talking about this translation effort - as you might know, the
> release of FPC 3.0.0 is approaching (although somewhat delayed compared to
> the original plans by now). While the primary target of your current
> effort is obviously trunk, you may want to have a look at using the
> translated file with compiler messages as basis for updating the version
> available in branch fixes_3_0 once you finish your work in trunk in order
> to ensure the updated translation to be included in the upcoming release.

With Frédéric Da Vitoria, we began to review the status of the translation
of the FPC. We concluded that it is very difficult to maintain and not very
useful because it is not implemented with ressourcestrings. We have not given
up to translate, but one wonders if it will not fit first FPC for better
support in the long term.

I need your opinion on this issue, given that the interweaving with the
TeX manual is also very problematic.

There is also the translation of fpdoc update. I started watching. There
is a resource compilation problem because the code has changed but the
makefile has not been adapted taking into account the translations.


Stéphane Aulery

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