[fpc-pascal] Is there a CSS parser in FPC?

Andrew Haines andrewd207 at aol.com
Thu Mar 5 15:47:39 CET 2015

On 03/03/2015 07:41 AM, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> Hi,
> As the subject says, I would like to know if there is a CSS parser
> included with FPC (2.6.4 or Trunk)? No issue if there isn't, as I might
> not initially need one for the project I want to start - but looking
> around in the mean time wouldn't hurt.
> I'm thinking of writing a couple of articles documenting a pet project I
> have been meaning to do for some time. Writing a "toy" web browser
> engine. I don't think many people actually know what is involved in a
> browser engine, or the rendering pipeline. So documenting the process
> from scratch should be a good learning experience for many (myself
> included). I want to initially limit as much dependencies as possible,
> and obviously simplify it for the articles, but at the same time make it
> so various rasterizers (AggPas, OpenGL, fpGUI Canvas, LCL Canvas, Image
> file output etc) can be plugged in for the final output.
> What's your thoughts? Who knows, this project might even grow to become
> something useful for fpGUI or LCL based apps. But that is far down the
> road for now.
> Regards,
>    - Graeme -
As Michael said the turbopower ipro component has a css parser. It was 
added for lazarus/lhelp and wasn't part of the original ipro component 
so it's mostly separated from ipro.


Andrew Haines

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