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Tue Jan 6 07:38:40 CET 2015


I'm experimenting with FPC's message (.msg) files. I wonder, who did create
those files? Where are the text taken from? Is there any tool to generate
those files?

I also found some inconsistencies in the file structure. There are some
sections that are not following the "standard" structure. Most sections are
marked by '\section' - '\end' pair string, which I think using Tex syntax.
But there are some sections that doesn't have that mark, though its comment
part is clearly indicates that it's a section. Those sections that don't
have the '\section' mark still have pattern of a section, like section
title and max number info on the header comment.

For example in the errore.msg file. Compare the "assembler reader" section,
starting from line 2167 with the "general section", starting from line 47.

Which one is the correct structure? If I want to list the sections of a
message file, which mark should I follow? Or is that a bug? Should I report
it to bugtracker? Or did I understand it wrong?

Oh, I'm using FPC 2.6.4 on OS X Yosemite.

Thank you.


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