[fpc-pascal] ideU version 1.0.0.

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.fpc-pascal at telemetry.co.uk
Sat Dec 26 13:07:05 CET 2015

Martin Schreiber wrote:

> 3. Extract them to a directory of your choice ('yourdirectory') .
> 4. Run 'yourdirectory/bin/mseide' on linux and freebsed or 
>    'yourdirectory\bin\mseide.exe' on windows.
> 5. In 'Settings'-'Configure MSEide'-'${MSEDIR}' select 'yourdirectory/msegui'.
> 6. In 'Project'-'Open' select 'yourdirectory/msegui/apps/demo/demo.prj'.
> 7. 'Target'-'Continue'.
> "
> where 6. and 7. already are steps to compile and run the demo application. Is 
> this really too difficult for people who like to develop software? ;-)

Looks reasonable to me, except that I'd point out that Lazarus puts up 
an initial form which presents its "best guess" of where it's installed, 
which FPC compiler binary is to be used and so on.

I fully agree that the user /should/ have the option of overriding 
settings. However if we're really going to be punctilious I'd suggest 
that he should also be told that a configuration file is about to be 
created, where it's being told, and how to override that choice if 

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