[fpc-pascal] Target Win32 missing

Lukas Gradl fpc at ssn.at
Mon Dec 7 01:31:47 CET 2015

> Quoting from my previous e-mail above: 'You need to tell fpc to call
> compiler for the respective CPU using the -Pi386'. I.e. add '-Pi386' to
> the command line options of 'fpc' (together with '-Twin32' and whatever
> else you'd need there) and it should work.
> Adding the -Pi386 parameter to fpc.cfg would not work (it's ignored
> there); changing the default CPU to something different than the host CPU
> doesn't make much sense (it would be more reasonable to install the 32-bit
> compiler instead of the 64-bit compiler if you wanted to have i386 as the
> default CPU target).

you mean calling through fpc -Twin32 -Pi386 ?

I tried that - got the "Error: Illegal parameter: -Twin32" again...

I'll do a make distclean;make all now for the whole thing...
perhaps that will help.

And while the machine is working I'll get some sleep...

Thanks for your patient help,


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