[fpc-pascal] with statement using mulltiple objects

Philippe philippe at quarta.com.br
Wed Sep 17 01:09:49 CEST 2014


on compiler implementation: 

I read in this list that the group
lost months due a "with" problem. 

People use "with", and I guess lot
of people use it! 

I checked the reference
and there is not any warning ... just: 

The statement 
With A,B,C,D do

is equivalent to 
With A do 
 With B do 
 With C do 
D do Statement; 

without any warning ... 

(and there is noting about
the syntax with xxx[ nn]^ = A do ... describe by someone earlier) 

I am
not telling that an implementation in the compiler should be of higher
priority!!! I appreciate a lot the great job that has been done, and is
still going on! I know I won't be able to do it!!! I'ld really like to
contribute ... but ... my age and qualification ... won't help very

But I am pretty sure that this implementation could have saved
many time to many people (as one of the developper wrote) ... and still
may save. 

But as it has been written ... we may be out of subject!


Em 16.09.2014 11:08, Ewald escreveu: 

> On 09/16/2014
03:41 PM, Philippe wrote:
>> I imagine that who really want to get
rid from the hint ... donĀ“t use Pascal anyway! or do have strong test
tools!!! one point is that (many?) people use "with" ... and compiler
can make it safer. may be as described Frederic Da Vitoria ... producing
error when may be confused. (but let configure it!)
> The issue is
that when you introduce this hint, it is almost certain
> that someone
will ask `how to disable that hint?` on this list.
> IMO it would be
a waste of time to implement such a thing. If I were a
> developer (hmm,
actually I am one :-) ), and I would work on a project
> like FPC
(meaning: in my free time, not getting paid to do the job), I
> would
invest my time in something that actually means something, like
> fixing
a bug, optimizing the RTL for a specific target, writing
documentation, etc... We are programmers after all, not end users who
want to be treated with silken gloves.
> You've only got 10 choices
really: either you like the `with` statement,
> or you don't. In the
latter case don't use it. Remember that the
> original question was
about functionality, what this thread has now
> evolved into is, in my
opinion, off-topic.

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