[fpc-pascal] lazarus not reachable

Ralf Quint freedos.la at gmail.com
Mon Apr 7 05:45:11 CEST 2014

On 4/6/2014 8:17 PM, md at rpzdesign.com wrote:
> Ralf:
> I am very sorry to bother you.
> I will not make another request for information on this topic
> Each time I started to try to pursue the matter earlier, I got some 
> light responses, but never
> was in a position to fully eliminate the problem.
Well, that problem, as I see it, is that you just keep looking for it in 
the wrong place/direction.
As Mark (waldo kitty) already mentioned, a traceroute doesn't 
necessarily mean anything, the type of data for such scans(ICMP/IGMP) is 
a lot of times these days filtered along the way.
> Today, I tried to gather more information using comparative trace 
> routes to solve the problem.
again, such traceroutes don't mean anything
> Several other users have been very kind to share their trace routes 
> failing but are still getting through using HTTP.
> If this problem follows me to another internet cafe or public wi-fi, I 
> will then try outside of my ISP area
> or even leave the region to run a connection test.
> All of my computers and tablets here fail, so is likely some silly ISP 
> issue,
> like C#//.NET developers at my ISP who filter all pascal traffic!!!
I am working all over town (Los Angeles, that's a pretty big 
town!<LOL>), from roughly a dozen different locations, with almost 
always different ISPs (Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner, Time Warner Business, 
DSLExtreme, CBeyond,...) , types Internet connection (DSL, digital 
cable, FiOS, T1/ATM based, wireless broadband) and never had a problem 
reaching this site.

If you have tested from your own home/office location so far only, look 
in whatever firewall/router you have in place as the first possible 
culprit.  In an earlier post you showed the start of your traceroute,
>   1     6 ms     1 ms    <1 ms
>   2     1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms
>   3    35 ms    24 ms    16 ms cable-mac1.faptnyal-ar4003.nyroc.rr.com 
> []
which indicates that you double NAT'ed before you hit the first router 
in the Roadrunner/TWC infrastructure in Rochester, NY.
That makes two local devices that can possibly interfering. Unless you 
start looking into those, at the very least to eliminate them as the 
source for your problem, you can compare other people's traceroutes all 
you want, you still will be looking at the wrong end...


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