[fpc-pascal] Using arm-embedded-fpc

Jeppe Græsdal Johansen jeppe at j-software.dk
Wed Oct 23 18:47:23 CEST 2013

Den 23-10-2013 13:15, Carsten Bager skrev:
>> Hi Carsten,
>> Unfortunately, my target will be STM32. I used the lpc to follow the
>> wiki. Once I get that working I hope the STM32 will be working also. And
>> I would like to use fpc 2.7.1 because I know that this version has
>> enhanced interrupt-handling. I mean, it's easy to use interrupts, at
>> least, I think, reading the sources of the cross-compiler. I once had a
>> working STM32 cross-compiler but there you had to be very carefull when
>> you defined interrupt-routines.
>> Thanks anyway.
> Hi Koenraad
> I always write interrupt handling in assembler and then (if necessary) call an normal pascal
> procedure. This way I can controle how stack and memory issues are handled.
> I find i hard to believe that the compiler 2.71 can fulfil all your needs in that area.
> Regards
> Carsten
It can. And quite elegantly if I should say so :)

It now uses weak linking. Try to take a look at some of the Cortex-M* 
targets. The ARM RTL's haven't been converted yet, but I see no reason 
why they shouldn't be upgraded either. The new solution saves space and 
basically can't get any more efficient.

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