[fpc-pascal] AT-SPI fpc compatible ?

Paul Breneman Paul2006 at BrenemanLabs.com
Sun May 12 01:11:03 CEST 2013

Fred van Stappen wrote:
>> You'll  need to judge how much a solution is worth for you and how much >you think a developer will need so that he'll take the "challenge".
> The thing is that i discover AT-SPI one week ago. Somebody tell me that he (his factory) does not use fpc because there was no link for AT-SPI.
> So i have seek for infos about AT-SPi. First i have try some app compatible with orca. Impressive... ( Lazarus is working with orca but i do not have find how to do it work with my apps compiled with Lazarus, even with LCL ).
> Also i have discover that assistive technology is very poor documented, maybe because the market is not big enough ( and not rich enough too ).
> But the magic of Pascal is his clear human-like language.
> So, i think Pascal should be a perfect language for deficient people. 
> ( i do not want to imagine how difficult it must be for those persons to develop in C, even if the C compiler is AT-SPI enabled.)
> I promise (to myself) to do that change.
> Of course i prefer to do it by myself, so i gonna much better understand that technology.
> Sadly, i do not know how to begin, what header translate,...
> So, if money can change things, im happy too and i want to pay for it.
> But if you think it is not "the style of fpc" im totally ready to help for whatever ( or exchange the work for something that i know ). ;)

I'd like to see Free Pascal used more for "factory" (industrial) work 
and for the last 5.5 years I've tried to do that (along with encouraging 
embedded system development).  This message thread is very interesting 
even though I don't know very many details.  If I could add something to 
the fpGUI programs on this page that might be interesting:

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