[fpc-pascal] Sybil Library - OS/2 and other INF e-books

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at hajny.biz
Thu Jan 24 18:55:11 CET 2013

On Thu, January 24, 2013 18:03, Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:

Hi Graeme,

> I know there are still a few of you developing for the OS/2 platform. So
> I made available on my server some INF e-books. They originally came
> from the Sybil Library project.
> There are also some Object Pascal and OOP related books.
>    http://opensoft.homeip.net/~graemeg/inf_books/

Thanks for this note. It's probably worth mentioning that since these INF
documents come from a different compiler / project, some of the included
information does not fully apply to FPC and its RTL. Examples include
different structure of units providing access to the OS/2 API (BseDos,
Os2Def and BseErr in Sibyl RTL versus DosCalls in FPC RTL), differences in
types used for parameters, etc. FPC RTL source files would probably serve
as a better source for information about these details.

Obviously, descriptions of the individual OS/2 API calls are still valid
(and these documents may indeed serve as one possible source for these
descriptions), but the latest version of the official IBM documents as
included with eComStation and on some other places is both more complete
(there are also large parts clarifying how certain tasks are accomplished
in general rather than just talking about individual API functions) and
also are more up to date (as an example, documentation for 64-bit file
system access is not included in the Sibyl files due to their age).

Anybody interested in the original documentation of OS/2 API and not
owning eComStation CDs nor the original IBM Developer's Toolkit
documentation may want to check http://cyberkinetica.homeunix.net/os2tk45/
and http://www.edm2.com/.


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