[fpc-pascal] Embeded ARM Examples.

Michael Ring mail at michael-ring.org
Thu Jan 24 11:41:05 CET 2013

Hi Koenraad

I have also started recently on using arm-embedded on an STM32 based 
board, I have build arm-embedded for mac a few days ago and the windows 
version two or three weeks ago. So on what OS do you need the arm 
crosscompiler (it could be mac or linux (more likely) but I think you 
actually did not mention the OS on that you are trying to build the 
crosscompiler), perhaps I can help with binaries if you cannot get your 
build up & running.


Am 24.01.13 11:03, schrieb Koenraad Lelong:
> On 22-01-13 13:36, delphian at smythconsulting.net wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I’ve been a user of Lazarus for years now and will soon want to write
>> some code to run on Embedded ARM ( specifically an ARM Cortex M3 ) using
>> an LPC1343.
>> I’m new to this so i would appreciate someone pointing me in the right
>> direction , some examples and or some wiki regarding this matter would
>> help alot.
>> Kind Regards
>> Justin Smyth
> Hi,
> I'm tinkering with a cortex-m3 board (STM32) so I could help somewhat. 
> Unfortunately, I downloaded and made my crosscompiler some months ago.
> In the mean time there are many changes in the arm-embedded FPC that I 
> would like to use, mainly interrupt-handling. Yesterday I downloaded 
> fpc-trunk but I was unable to make an arm-crosscompiler. Actually, 
> it's the RTL that does not compile. See my posts of yesterday.
> What exactly are you looking for ? There are a number of postings 
> (also from me) in this list about arm-embedded, did you read those ?
> Did you read http://wiki.freepascal.org/TARGET_Embedded ?
> Regards,
> Koenraad Lelong
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