[fpc-pascal] Linker Error: what does this mean?

Gerhard Scholz gs at g--s.de
Wed Jan 23 23:56:21 CET 2013


thanks for the hint with the -Xe parameter (the external linker is damned 
slow!), now it compiles.

The difference in the object file size seems to be the different amount of 
stored debug information; the declared structures have the same size 
(SIZEOF(...) is the same.

Thanks for the help.



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> On 23 Jan 13, at 0:01, Gerhard Scholz wrote:
>> The files are completed compiled with FPC, no renaming of VPascal object
>> files.
>> The only explanation I have that it must have to do with the size of the
>> file; the .o has 8 MB and just defines some CONST and VAR structures, no
>> code.
> Assuming (again ;-) - you haven't provided such information) that you
> refer to the Win32 platform - could you disable internal linking (add
> -Xe parameter)?
>> Interesting (maybe):
>>     the .O which ppc386 made has 8.380.376 bytes,
>>     the .OBJ made by vp has 7.002.097 bytes.
> This difference in size could be due to different alignment rules.
> Again, judging what goes wrong is difficult without being able to
> reproduce it...
> Tomas
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