[fpc-pascal] Linker Error: what does this mean?

Tomas Hajny XHajT03 at hajny.biz
Wed Jan 23 01:00:37 CET 2013

On 23 Jan 13, at 0:01, Gerhard Scholz wrote:

> The files are completed compiled with FPC, no renaming of VPascal object 
> files.
> The only explanation I have that it must have to do with the size of the 
> file; the .o has 8 MB and just defines some CONST and VAR structures, no 
> code.

Assuming (again ;-) - you haven't provided such information) that you 
refer to the Win32 platform - could you disable internal linking (add 
-Xe parameter)?

> Interesting (maybe): 
>     the .O which ppc386 made has 8.380.376 bytes, 
>     the .OBJ made by vp has 7.002.097 bytes.

This difference in size could be due to different alignment rules. 
Again, judging what goes wrong is difficult without being able to 
reproduce it...


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