[fpc-pascal] Does FPC 2.8.0 can actually still be called Pascal ?

Reimar Grabowski reimgrab at web.de
Thu Feb 28 21:42:47 CET 2013

On Thu, 28 Feb 2013 19:46:07 +0100
Sven Barth <pascaldragon at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Yes, sorry, I did indeed mean Spring4D. And staying with the real thing 
> does only help if you use Java...
Which was implicit. Choosing the right tool for the job (in this case Spring). If this means using a different language so be it.

> a PHP developer (and he likes it), but when he started a 
> bigger hobby project he had taken a look at Free Pascal and liked it.
PHP and developer in the same sentence, funny stuff. :)
And he likes Pascal because of class helpers, (upcoming) closures and all the other fancy new stuff? If not your anecdote does not fit the topic at hand. He may also like it because pascal is a nice and clean language which is easy to learn and not because of the new features. But your point was that new developers come to FPC BECAUSE it now has the stuff they are used to. And this I doubt.

> This event would be - in my opinion - 
> where we definitely need to stop swimming in their backwash and steer free.
My opinion has always been that neither FPC nor Lazarus should try so hard to be compatible. Doing your own stuff instead of following Delphi downhill has its benefits. But this is all up to the developers and not my business. If I don't like the changes, I don't have to use them. Easy as that.
Looking forward to seeing FPC 'steer free' because then I can grab my skates and go ice skating in hell. :)


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