[fpc-pascal] has anyone successfully written an app for iOS using Free Pascal and got it approved by Apple Appstore?

Reimar Grabowski reimgrab at web.de
Fri Aug 30 13:47:19 CEST 2013

On Fri, 30 Aug 2013 19:23:18 +0800
Dennis Poon <dennis at avidsoft.com.hk> wrote:

> Frankly, I was unhappy and I replied:
> "It is a FREE App without advertisement or anything. I don't get any 
> reward from this app. I am mere contributing my time and effort and bore 
> the Developer License fee of USD100 and yet it seems like I am put in 
> court and required to produce evidence to prove that my volunteer app is 
> good enough for your app Store. No wonder there are many categories in 
> which Android has Free (or paid) apps but IOS does not. "

Well done, this will show 'em. Now they have no choice but to approve it. ^^


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