[fpc-pascal] [OT] Pascal compiler for embedded platforms

greim greim at schleibinger.com
Sun Apr 28 15:16:39 CEST 2013



Oberon on ARM.

I think its worth to try it!

Markus Greim

Am 19.03.2013 08:46, schrieb Martin Schreiber:
> On Tuesday 19 March 2013 08:11:49 Justin Smyth wrote:
>> Thanks, i am waiting to hear back regarding some suggest changes that were
>> suggest in the debugging section that Michael Ring was working on a while
>> ago, i want to write some code in lazarus for my ARM Cortex M3 and debug it
>> in lazarus ( via gdb using gdb from openOCD) so i can see whats going on ,
>> just as a start because its going to take me a while to get my application
>> running etc.
> Just in case you don't know, MSEide+MSEgui is an alternative to Lazarus
> especially made with development of embedded projects in mind:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/mseide-msegui/
> Martin
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