[fpc-pascal] FPC_JVM compilation fails on trunk

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Fri Apr 26 23:49:01 CEST 2013

On 26 Apr 2013, at 23:38, Torsten Bonde Christiansen wrote:

> On 2013-04-26 22:53, Jonas Maebe wrote:
>> On 26 Apr 2013, at 22:37, Torsten Bonde Christiansen wrote:
>>> I'm trying to follow this guide:http://wiki.freepascal.org/FPC_JVM/Building
>>> But when i reach the point where i do the actual compilation fail
>>> with the following output:
>>> torsten at epidata:~/FreePascal/fpc-trunk$ make all crossinstall CROSSOPT="-O2 -g" CPU_TARGET=jvm OS_TARGET=android INSTALL_PREFIX=~/fpc
>> This command does not match what is written on the wiki page you refer to above.
> True, but i thought that the order of defines and make targets didn't matte? The only other part i left out was the FPCMAKE, but since
> the fpcmake i created i now located where the old one used to be I do not think that should matter either?

Yes, then it should not matter.

>>> make: -iVSPTPSOTO: Command not found
>> This means that no fpc binary can be found in the path. This error is unrelated to building the JVM compiler specifically, it will happen regardless of what kind of compiler you try to build. Did you perform a standard installation of FPC 2.6.2 and is its installation directory in your path?
> I build fpc from scratch with my own settings,

That is not supported. Only official full install are supported. The reason is because otherwise you run into problems like the ones you are having.

> but all is installed into ~/fpc/...
> My path contains ~/fpc/bin in which i symlink to the different compilers and crosscompilers.

The question was whether you have an "fpc" binary in your path (i.e., a program literally called "fpc"). If not, you have to explicitly specify the compiler to use via FPC=/full/path/to/ppc386 (or ppcx64, or ppcppc, etc depending on what your host platform is).

But again: only full official FPC installs are supported. If you keep getting problems, or ever have problems again in the future, please first install an official FPC release and try again. If you absolutely insist on not doing that (please do it anyway), at the very least mention that in every request for help when something doesn't work.

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