[fpc-pascal] FPC_JVM compilation fails on trunk

Torsten Bonde Christiansen tc at epidata.info
Fri Apr 26 23:38:14 CEST 2013

On 2013-04-26 22:53, Jonas Maebe wrote:
> On 26 Apr 2013, at 22:37, Torsten Bonde Christiansen wrote:
>> I'm trying to follow this 
>> guide:http://wiki.freepascal.org/FPC_JVM/Building
>> But when i reach the point where i do the actual compilation fail
>> with the following output:
>> torsten at epidata:~/FreePascal/fpc-trunk$ make all crossinstall 
> This command does not match what is written on the wiki page you refer 
> to above.
True, but i thought that the order of defines and make targets didn't 
matte? The only other part i left out was the FPCMAKE, but since
the fpcmake i created i now located where the old one used to be I do 
not think that should matter either?
>> make: -iVSPTPSOTO: Command not found
> This means that no fpc binary can be found in the path. This error is 
> unrelated to building the JVM compiler specifically, it will happen 
> regardless of what kind of compiler you try to build. Did you perform 
> a standard installation of FPC 2.6.2 and is its installation directory 
> in your path?
I build fpc from scratch with my own settings, but all is installed into 
My path contains ~/fpc/bin in which i symlink to the different compilers 
and crosscompilers.
> Additionally, the merge of the 8086 branch broke several things in the 
> compiler (but that's unrelated to the error you get above), so you may 
> encounter other errors once you fix your configuration. For now, I 
> would recommend sticking to r24323 of trunk (regardless of which 
> platform you use).
I "downgraded" to r24323, but still the same issue, even when reordering 
the defines and make targets. The actual error from make seem to be 
this  though:

make[3]: Entering directory `/home/torsten/FreePascal/fpc-trunk/compiler'
make -C  clean  <=== "clean" is not a director, perhaps it is a target?
make: Entering an unknown directory
make: *** clean: No such file or directory.  Stop.
make: Leaving an unknown directory

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