[fpc-pascal] FBAdmin

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Fri Sep 14 19:07:23 CEST 2012

> It is already quite a useful component as is. Since you are FBAdmin's 
> author, and are knowledgeable in the service API, what do you 
> recommend 
> regarding the non basic admin actions? Forced Writes in particular is 
> interesting as it might have to be turned off when pumping 
> data for example.

As said before IMHO forced writes doesn't belong in a component that comes
standard with Lazarus. Google for Firebird forced writes off and you get as
first page http://www.firebirdsql.org/manual/qsg2-safety.html chapter "how
to corrupt a database". Forced Writes is a speed hack that turns off
effectively the database integrity for the time of the operation. That is
integrity in the largest sense. When something goes wrong, your complete
database can become unusable. Unless you are writing a db admin tool or a
very specialised tool, no business application should use this.  

The category of repair actions as well are only useful for db admin tools.
Perhaps setting the sweep interval or forcing a sweep could be something
that is useful for non db admin applications. An automated sweep that starts
when your app is in peak usage can be disturbing. But then again, a crontab
that launches a nightly or weekend sweep will keep you away from that also.


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