[fpc-pascal] Access to compiler's internal data structures

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I am sure the ones included in FCL are much fancier and know OOP, etc.  I have a relatively primitive one used here too:


I just use it for analyzing unit dependencies, so I don't need too many fancy features.  Also, I didn't write the parser, and it is a bit out of date - I would like to modernize it, but free time is elusive these days.  Also, if you like this one, I do have a newer version of the parser from the original author, which I haven't integrated into the project above yet.  Obviously, it's open source, so I can share it with you if you like.

Thank you,
    Noah Silva

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> First I'll say I know very little about the inner workings of an actual compiler. I took a course on formal language theory ages ago so I do have some understanding of the theory. Lately my interests have been pulling me toward projects that either benefit from or depend on static analysis. So I'm finding myself in need of a parser for object pascal. I'm wondering if fpc exposes any of the output (syntax trees, graphs, etc) from the parser that could be consumed by an external tool? _______________________________________________
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